Men -Searching for Christ -Like relationships with our wives and others with the love of Christ can help us "Get It" before it is too Late. Listen and enjoy Greg Premanes's song, "Now I Get It", it is great.

7 UPS (Since September 1995)
We Never Not Meet

Beginning with Fellowship and Studying God's Word
We search for the Truth in our Lives and Share with others,
While Trying Not To Judge Others, But Just "Do Unto Others."

7 UP's Men who passed our way in fellowship, sharing their suffering with their handicaps and their death, yet Blessing us every step of the way. Letting each of us to know - In one brief moment that all will be as it was before, only better, infinitely happier and forever, we will all be one with Christ.

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Atlanta, GA 30360

Please Click on the Cross to read about the story behind the 7UPs Cross, "I AM".

7Up's Cross I Am

Please join us in receiving the Blessing for all 7uppers past, present and future. Praise God and May we give Him all the Glory in knowing that we are not God but know "I AM".

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Welcome to 7 UPS

The Word of God - For the People of God
Thanks Be To God

7 UP's Mission is to share the Word of God with God's People by using our website and weekly e-mail to have each share the Ecclesiastes of assembles of people gathering with The Three, God the Father , God the Son and God the Holy Spirit which is always a meeting of Four while reading His Holy Word from your personal e-mail....

To accomplish this we share the upcoming Sunday Liturgical Lesson in the form of a weekly email. This weekly email will have some questions at the beginning to think on as the lesson is read. For some reading in the privacy of their home or work location, then sharing with a 7 UP group, and then hearing from the pulpit provides additional meaning of God's Word in their life.

The lesson is broken down into 4 parts:

- First Reading (usually the Old Testament except during Pentecost),

- Responsive Psalms,

- Second Reading (New Testament non-Gospel)

- Gospel.

The readings are followed with Reflective Thoughts from a fellow 7 Upper, Fr. Jack Vessels, who is a Jesuit Priest first from Atlanta, then Louisiana, and currently in Texas. Jack provides a reflection on a theme found in the current weeks lesson. His thoughts are also short to the point with great-rich meaning-don't miss.

There are links to side of the liturgical lesson to provide commentary, research, thoughts, and links to inspirational sites and others with whom we wish to associate.

At 7 UP meetings, held weekly, the lesson is read out loud and then thoughts are shared among the group as to possible meanings in our life and in our relations with others.

Each 7 UP meeting is conducted with variations to meet the needs of the group.

For example: At Wednesday’s St. Ignatius meeting, the lesson is read out loud with one person reading the first reading another person reading the Psalms, another reading the second reading and then after the Gospel is read there is a moment of Meditative Silence (approx. 10 minutes) in which the individual reflects on the readings and listens to the Holy Spirit.

The meeting at the Tennis Facility in Dunwoody starts off with coffee, pastries and fellowship followed by prayer concerns, individual and group announcements, followed by the rotation of the readings among Table Group members which is then followed by open discussion of the readings. This is followed by a closing prayer before the group break to tables of smaller groups for continued bible studies and discussions.

During good weather, frequently following the 7 UPs thursday meeting, where the Word of God via the liturgical lesson has been discussed, there is the opportunity to continue the fellowship on a 9 Hole, Par 3 course.

If you arre interested in starting a weekly "We Never Not Meet" 7 UPs Group give us a call or contact us via email at

If you would like to share the lesson with others, please send us an email providing First Name, Last Name and Email address.

God Bless,

Les WashingtonFacilitator

Fax: 770-451-7758

Weekly Meetings:
Friday's @ 7:07 AM at Tennis Center Dunwoody CC
Saturday's @ 9:27 AM at Corpus Christi Catholic
Church in Stone Mnt. Room #6 With Tito Espina
Fridays or Anyday follow Keith Washington's model
Lesson's Over Lunch

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