“Any ‘never not meet’ meeting of one or more where questions are raised and opinions are shared is a great 7ups type meeting. If only one person is present that is ok too, since there are really four in attendance including the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

Les Washington- Founder 7ups Industries.

The GSU 7ups Experience

“I started my own 7 ups group at my college, Just four or five guys that met once a week in my apartment. It was very intellectually stimulating to be able to lead, teach, and discuss the nature of our creator with people from a number of different denominations and faiths. The lessons we received via email served as guidelines for our discussions but our conversations ranged form the origins of creationism to evolution. It our meetings usually lasted no more than thirty minutes but most people left with more questions than they had answers. Just thinking about God and religion seemed like a chore for some but by the end of our meetings we had every one engaged and thinking about god, The first step in finding him. This experience has reinforced my belief that faith and fellow ship can be experienced in the most casual of settings and that god is glorified exponentially when people share that faith together.”

Chris Sillay- Founder 7ups GSU Chapter

Weekly Meetings:

Wednesday's @ 7:07 AM in the Chapel at St. Ignatius

Thursday's @ 7:27 AM at River Pine Golf Club

Friday's @ 7:07 AM at Tennis Center Dunwoody CC

Saturday's @ 9:27 AM at Corpus Christi Catholic

Church in Stone Mnt. Room #6

Fridays or Anyday follow Keith Washington model

Lesson's Over Lunch.