7Uppers, Family and Friends,

Sharing my outline of My Walk with Jesus Christ, Son of God, Son of Man and My personal Savior. Copies of reminders of prayers and things I have written over the years.

Probably my first thoughts of God came from my Grand Mother Washington, whom my spiritual mother referred to as the most holy women she had met. My mother was a Methodist and my Grandmother a Baptist and we could walk to the Baptist Church from the farm. We lived on the Washington farm where I was born and she spent hours with me while my mom and dad worked, from picking cotton to other farm duties. Two aunts, mother, father and a wonderful fun Grandmother Lou, protected me.

No Father Figure in my life at ages 9-10 (1947-48) with my parents getting a divorce, I joined the Larkin Street Methodist Church, Houston Texas one Sunday. I could walk from my home on Larkin Street and did so many times by myself. God became my Father.

1985 started Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) at Dunwoody Baptist Church while being a member since 1975 of Dunwoody Methodist Church and active within men's groups.

1987 a friend, golfing buddy, and a member of Dunwoody Country Club, Ted Kennedy who had invited me to BSF, then suggested I go on the Walk to Emmaus and my sponsor was Don Doumas.

1995 graduated from BSF and started men's 7ups at Dunwoody Country Club (DCC) which was an outreach from BSF-my 4th day, Dunwoody UMC Men's Groups and God telling me to do so. He made it easy for me since everyone I asked starting with Bob Love, Don Coker, Cullen Ramsey, Bob Barnaby, Glen Schammer and Mike Harrington all said yes to helping me.

1997 following a retreat at St. Ignatius Retreat House 6700 Riverside Drive at 7AM in the small chapel lead by Fr. Jack Vessels for men and women, I started a 7Ups meeting and it continues today. Since we never not meet, you are invited to join us any Wednesday to start on your 4th day. This is my personal favorite since I find the Holy Spirit's presence is so easily felt.

2010, Thinking about my WTE and how great it has been continuing my 4th day just one day at a time trying to just facilitate my Lord's work one Penny-Cross at a time. (See 7ups.org and click on the Penny-Cross.)

Praise God and may you be Blessed Indeed on your WTE.

Your walk with God will become much stronger and more powerful with each day. We will pray for you during your time at the WTE.

Les W. Washington