The 7 UP's Prayer

"Do Unto Others"

Dear God, as we try to "Do Unto Others," hopefully we search for the truth in our own

lives to share with others in some manner. Maybe sometimes we start to judge rather than

help and when we do we begin to lose the truth and when we stop judging we are shown

the truth. Oh, Awesome God, we admit that sometimes we try to put you in a box so we

can understand you. When we realize that other people see you differently than we do,

we are forced to take you out of that stifling box to confront you in all your complexity

(or simplicity). Your love for us maybe simple, but your power is not. Help us to be

open to others understanding of you. May we be clear about our own beliefs but open to

learn more about you through other's understanding of You. Even though we are more

comfortable with you in the box we have made, we realize that you are beyond our

comprehension. You have told us that Your Thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are Your

Ways our ways. You are truly an awesome God, and we kneel before you in gratitude for

how you work in our lives. Let us better demonstrate the Love of Christ within each of us.