The diversity of beliefs held by our participants ensures that participation in this experience provides intellectual and philosophical stimulation leading to a greater knowledge of the Truth. Again, we extend to you a warm invitation to share in this process with us.
To spread the vision, in December of 1999, effort began to form 7 UPS, Inc. and seek 501c III classification as a non-profit charitable organization. On October 17, 2000 the IRS granted 7 UPS non-profit status.
We welcome the opportunity of sharing this exciting exploration and mission.
To pursue Truth and advance the understanding of the role of faith in the lives of people, 7 UPS was founded in September of 1995 thanks to the prayers, help, and support of many people. The mission of 7 UPS is to provide an opportunity for men, women and couples to explore how faith positively impacts their lives and influences their communities. Through fellowship and facilitated discussions we strive to develop a better understanding of Truth as It relates to us as individuals and our community.