Dear 7 UPPERS,

We have learned from sharing our thoughts with others, for example how to take the 1st 7UPís principal "Do not use the Lordís name in vain, no GD words in our lives only PGís, Praising Our God. We are sending more e-mails weekly hopefully to let others discover the pure dynamics of His Word for application in their lives at that moment and at that time.

We appreciate all 7uppers and whatever they do, from reading our e-mails, attending one of our "Never Not Meet" weekly 7ups meetings, helping us to serve the needs of others, and supporting other charities with our time, financial gifts and most important YOUR PRAYERS.

With your continued help we can do more this year, if you like what we do and have extra money as a cheerful giver, please make your check out to 7ups Inc. mail it or give to Jon Martindale or Les Washington. We can use all credit cards in the same way or by calling our office and providing Donny Mize with the information.

My Prayers are for this year to be Blessed Indeed as we give thanks and our 19th year of searching for the Truth in our lives and sharing it with others or just trying to live it.



Les Washington- Facilitator /President

Goal ĖMission and Fiscal Report .

Our Mission ĖGoal will be to improve our website and increase our weekly emails to over 1000 per week. Financially we need to have contributions to reach $14,700 or greater and giving all of it to others, while continuing to support charities given to in past. We need 21 donations @ $700. We seek to link - network with sponsorings for profit corporations where we follow the example of Paul who was a tent maker as he followed Godís will in his life. Therefore our expenses will be subsidized by our corp sponsor "The Telechem Corporation".

7UPís Inc. Fiscal 2016 Report


August , 2016


Charities given to:

In Touch Ministry, Girls and Boys Town, Saint Ignatious, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Safe House Outreach, Knights of Columbus, Childrenís Wish Foundation, Ga. Assoc. of the Deaf, All Saints Bulletin, Atlanta Police Union, VFW, Special Olympics GA, National Childrenís Cancer Society, and Others in need helped.


Total Donations made and expenses: $2,943.00

Total Contributions received: $1,998.58

Net Gain <Loss> 2016 <$944.42>


Bank balance January, 2016 $5,469.55

Bank balance August, 2016 $4,525.13

Balance Gain <Loss> 2016 <$944.42>



7 UPs Budget

* Any donation to 7 UPs Inc., a 501(c )(3) Non-Profit
Corporation may be tax deductible


  • Besides Donating to good causes, 7 Up's needs funding for:
  • Webhosting of and sites
  • Copies, phone, office expenses, bank fees
  • Insurance, advertising, email program, corporation expenses
  • Coffee and refreshments at 7 UPs meetings



We ask you to give freely in support of what you may see how others can benefit from what we do weekly at 7 UPs. Any amount is appreciated but your presence and prayers are sufficient.


We could also use some volunteers to host weekly 7 UPs go-to-meetings via the internet.

*Any donation to 7 UPs Inc. a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation may be tax deductible 


We seek to search for Truth in our lives to share IT and try to live IT.

Praise God And Trust In God.

Les Washington & 7UPís.