7UP's Penny Cross

What happens to the Penny Crosses, at least one story and send me more stories,

Praise God

Les Washington and 7ups

Les' grand daughter took some pennies on a mission trip with her.

They used them to make bracelets. See picture below.

This past Sunday after Church, I decided to go to a favorite jewelry store where I had brought a replacement wedding ring many years ago that had broken. I often buy Barbara gifts there and probably 3-4 valentines ago had given the manager and several colleagues the Cross Penny. On third occasion again after our discussion and by the way getting a very fair price for the repair I gave out several Penny Crosses. It was then I discovered what they had done with one given them in the past. Displayed in the store was a statue of a small angel with a necklace made with the Penny Cross. God Bless and Praise the Empty Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

PS, The store is the Helzberg Diamonds @ The Perimeter Mall, Manager Mr. Varun Chopra and a Colleague. (See website)